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Ransomware Prevention, Detection and Recovery 服务

Ransomware is malicious software (malware) used in a cyberattack to encrypt the victim’s data with an encryption key that is known only to the attacker (external threat agent), thereby rendering the data unusable until a ransom payment is made by the victim(1).

The ransom is usually paid in a crypto-currency because of the available anonymity for the external threat agent.

Key characteristics of modern ransomware (2)

  • Unbreakable encryption so you can’t access the files
  • File name scrambling so that you don’t know which file is which
  • Demands for payment in Bitcoin because it’s untraceable
  • Ransom demands with time limits
  • Complex evasion techniques to bypass endpoint and perimeter protection
  • Recruitment of infected PCs into a botnet to distribute malicious code
  • Capability to spread instantaneously across organizational networks
  • Data exfiltration techniques – extracting confidential data for use by cybercriminals
  • Geographical targeting – using location-specific information, such as false IRS demands in the US, so that the threat seems more troubling

An external threat agent usually gets access to your systems via

  • Social engineering/phishing
  • Exploiting a vulnerability on an internet facing application or service

BRC 服务 for Prevention, Detection and Recovery from Ransomware

  • 网络安全 Baseline Risk and Control Assessment
  • Review / Design 黄金城官网 IT Policies and Procedures
  • Review System Hardening Standards and Settings
  • Review System Access and Segregation of Duties / Privilege Management
  • Review Enterprise Architecture
  • Review 回来up and Restore Policies and Procedures


  • 网络安全 User Training – Launch an effective awareness campaign across the organization to help keep the potential of phishing on the employee’s minds by providing recurring and visual reminders about common risks, 最佳实践, and the importance of security to the organization.
  • Create and test a comprehensive 回来up and Recovery Strategy, Policy and Procedures
  • Create a comprehensive Data Protection Strategy
  • Review / Design an Incident Response Plan /Procedure
  • Systems Vulnerability Scanning Assessment
  • Wireless Communications Vulnerability Assessment

BRC has created a multi-faceted, risk-based, scalable approach to your cybersecurity concerns.

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"网络安全 is more than a new, fancy, expensive application or device.  网络安全 is a mindset; a culture that can and should be developed in your organization. BRC is ready to get started."


1: Ransomware Defense, Cisco Special Edition. By Lawrence Miller, CISSP. Published by John Wiley and Sons, 2017
2: Ransomware and the Limits of Conventional Protection. NSS实验室. 白皮书.